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  • Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center - Kidney Disease - The kidneys are vital organs that filter the blood. One of the primary wastes is dietary protein. Excess protein increases the wear and tear on the kidneys’ filtering units. By following the high-protein Western diet over seventy years, people lose on average a third of their kidney function, although this is usually inconsequential due to the organ’s reserve capacity (people can function normally after removal of one entire kidney, after all). The damage from excess protein becomes critical when kidney tissues have been previously lost for other reasons, such as injury, donation, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and nephritis. With reduced kidney function, the amount of protein commonly consumed on the Western diet can result in progressive kidney failure, dialysis, and transplant. A simple, highly effective way to preserve kidney function is to reduce the workload on them by eating a diet with a minimal amount of excess protein, and this is best accomplished with a starch-based diet.

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  • Preventing Kidney Failure through Diet - Dr. Michael Greger - Given how vascular our kidneys are, it should comes as no surprise that animal protein, animal fat, and cholesterol are associated with declining kidney function (microalbuminurea—loss of protein in the urine), which can be an early warning sign not only for kidney failure, but also for heart disease and a shortened lifespan.


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