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    • Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Center
        • Prostate Cancer - Due to modern medical belief in early detection with PSA testing, diagnosis of prostate cancer has increased at least 10-fold in the past 2 decades. But many doctors will tell patients that testing does more harm than good because over 90% of men diagnosed will not die from this disease. Those few who have an aggressive form are usually far beyond the reach of current therapies at the time of diagnosis.
        • Prostate Enlargement (BPH) - The prostate is part of the reproductive system. The high-fat, low-fiber Western diet causes sex-hormone imbalances that result in a proliferation of cells in this gland. Eventual enlargement of the prostate gland compresses the urethra which interferes with urine flow. Once symptoms of obstruction develop there are many options for obtaining relief, including diet and lifestyle changes, medications, and invasive surgeries, but prevention of these problems in the first place is your best course.


    • Hormone Dependent Diseases (Male & Female) - Dr. John McDougall - Discusses health problems caused by the abnormal hormone levels caused by the Standard Western Diet.
    • Milk Consumption and Prostate Cancer - - Prostate Cancer's incidence and mortality have been associated with milk or dairy product consumption in international and interregional correlational studies. As a result, case-control and cohort studies have further investigated this association and are described in this review.
    • Using Diet to Help Prevent Prostate Cancer - Dr. Linda CarneyProstate cancer in men is a hormone-dependent cancer; much like breast cancer is in women.

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