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  • Find Your Athletic Edge - Brendan Brazier - Good nutrition speeds up your recovery rate, increasing your athletic ability. But what kind of nutrition? Nutrition centered on plants, of course! Brendan Brazier’s plant-based dietary system has bettered his own abilities as a runner and triathlete, proving that plants sustain humans. If you don’t follow a plant-based diet, your body is stressed by what you’re putting in it: poor nutrition accounts for 40% of your total stress if you are a Western American. Plants, on the other hand, don’t stress your body. Consuming nutrient rich foods fuels you right, filling you up, toning your body, and making you thrive.
  • A Vegan Bodybuilding Experiment - Joshua Knox - A fateful blizzard on a drive to Tahoe led to a conversation about food and nutrition, which inspired bodybuilder Joshua Knox, a Google employee, to go vegan for a week. One week turned into a 1.5 year lifestyle experiment with bodybuilding and diet.


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